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cindy in her garden with a basket of beans

Bountiful Harvest

Welcome to Cindy’s Garden to Table I love the following  quote because I believe that it is essential for us to make food choices that promote health. And when we grow our own food we tend to eat what we grow! Follow Cindy’s Garden to Table and let’s garden and […]

roasted potato wedges

Roasted Potato Wedges

Making Roasted Potato Wedges is quick, easy and they hit the spot on a cold winter night. I made them one night while making a Lentil Barley Soup. The roasted potato wedges were a nice compliment to the soup. These are a great alternative to french fries, since the wedges […]

sugar cookies

Sugar Cookies

I find myself posting and promoting healthy eating and cooking, but then the holidays approach and I love to make cookies. This recipe is neither heart healthy nor bone healthy. For that matter it’s downright just fun to make and eat on occasion! I hope that you enjoy the holidays […]

persimmon bread

Persimmon Bread

It’s fall, Thanksgiving time too! The persimmon trees in the orchard are filled with persimmons, so it’s time to make persimmon bread! Types of Persimmons We have two kinds of persimmons in the orchard, Fuyu and Hachiya. There are two commercially available types, though as with much produce, there are […]

steel cut oatmeal

Steel Cut Oatmeal

Steel cut oatmeal typically takes 45 minutes to cook. Who has time for that in the morning? Well here is a make-ahead steel cut oatmeal recipe that is made the night before in just minutes! My daughter originally found this recipe at the kitchn website. We’ve now made it many […]