pole bean sprouts

French Pole Bean Sprouts

I planted french pole beens from seeds that are from Renee’s Seed Company, an awesome local seed company. In this short time lapse video the pole bean sprouts are 12 days old. Amazing how fast they grow once the break the surface of the dirt!   Growing seeds in 6 […]

seed packs in basket

Planting Vegetable Seeds Indoors

  It’s late winter, and here in northern California it’s time to start planting vegetable seeds for a spring garden. These seeds are planted indoors initially. I used seed trays and flats that I saved from plants I bought at the garden store last summer. You can also purchase seed […]

large tomato plant

Planting Tomatoes

It’s May, and time to plant tomato plants in most of California. With chance of frost behind us, and summer just around the corner, I am planting my tomato seedlings into the garden. I bought a variety of seedlings from a local farm, Love Apple Farms. This is one of my […]

Red and Orange Peppers

Planting Peppers and Eggplant

It’s  May, and here in Central California it’s summer planting season! Yesterday I got 3 pepper plants and 2 eggplant plants planted. Here’s what I did: 1) Prepare your soil. I amend mine with the following. Spread the amendments evenly across the soil and dig under 6-8 inches. For each […]