Ojo de Cabra Beans

Harvesting Ojo de Cabra Beans

I’ve been harvesting these beautiful, heirloom beans the past week or so. Ojo de Cabra means Goat’s Eye. They do kind of look like the eye of a goat.

dried ojo de cabre beans

Here is the info on ojo de cabre beans. I got the seed packet at a garden fair. They are from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, located in Mansfield, Missouri

ojo de cabre info

I started growing these beans in April. I amended the soil to prepare it for a new crop, then planted the beans straight into the soil. Within a few weeks, they sprouted and were growing. Then 2 weeks later, I added a tomato cage and bamboo supports for them to grow up.

new bean plants  bean plants on trellis

This photo was taken July 3, plants were now a little over 2 months old. It’s amazing how quickly the plants grew.
At first the been pods are green,like the photo below.

bean plant

But as the beans mature, the pods begin to yellow.

bean plant with pods  yellow bean pods

Then the leaves begin to brown, dry up and fall off the plant and the pods become dry and hard. These photos were taken at the end of August.
Now it’s time to harvest the beans! This past week I’ve been picking the pods off the plants, and then opening up the pods to remove the beautiful bean inside. Place the beans in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any bugs that may be in the beans.

beans in pod  dried ojo de cabre beans


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