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Brown Rice: Health Benefits and How to Cook

Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Brown rice, which is whole grain can be turned into white rice by removing and polishing more of the kernel — but with that process comes a loss in nutrients. White rice has had the bran and germ removed, which are the most nutritious parts of the grain.

Brown rice is rich in selenium, which reduces the risk for developing common illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis and manganese, which helps the body synthesize fats and also benefits our nervous and reproductive systems.

Brown rice is rich in anti-oxidants, and high in fiber which helps prevent colon cancer. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Did I mention that brown rice is a great baby food? It can be made with a little more water, and cooked a little longer to make a mushier version, much healthier than white rice cereals.

Cooking Brown Rice

I’ve been cooking my brown rice with this method since I had my restaurant 30 years ago! It is quicker than the traditional way most cook their brown rice. I don’t add the lid to the pot until the rice has been cooking for some time, and most of the water has boiled away. Give it a try and see what you think.

I usually buy brown basmati rice, I like the flavor. You can substitute any other kind of brown rice and the cooking time will be the same. I don’t add salt or anything else to the rice but when we made rice in my restaurant, we’d sprinkle a little savory and thyme on top of the water.

Makes about 4 cups cooked rice


  • 2 cups basmati or long grain brown rice
  • 3¼ cups cold water

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Brown Rice Recipe


  1. Rinse rice in a strainer or colander under cold water. Let the water drip out for a minute.
  2. Place the rice in a medium-sized saucepan. Add the water.
  3. Turn heat to high, and bring to a boil WITHOUT covering the pan. Stir once or twice while it cooks.
  4. Once you begin to see steam vents on the top of the rice and the water has almost boiled off even with the top of the rice, reduce heat to a low simmer. Add a lid on the pot.
  5. Cook for 12 minutes.
  6. Remove from heat and stir briefly. Return the lid to the pot and let sit for about 5 or 10 minutes before serving or eating.

Use brown rice with curry recipes, stir fry recipes and more!

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