Candy Cane Reindeer

How to Make Candy Cane Reindeer

Making Candy Cane Reindeer for the holidays.These are fun, quick and simple to make. They are great stocking stuffers.

I started with organic candy canes, made with no artificial colors or flavors. I bought them at www.NaturalCandyStore.

Organic Candy canes organic candy canes

You need a glue gun, candy canes, mini red pom poms, little bobble eyes, thin red ribbon, 12 inch brown or gold pipe cleaners, a ruler and a pair of scissors.


Start by cutting the pipe cleaners. Cut the piece into 2-6inch pieces. Then cut only one of the 6 inch pieces into half again, leaving the other one 6 inches long. Then cut a piece of ribbon about 8 inches long.


Next add a small dot of glue and glue on the pom pom for a nose and the bobble eyes.


Then take the 6 inch long pipe cleaner, and twist it in half around the bend in the candy cane.


Next take one of the 3 inch pieces of pipe cleaner, and twist it around on side of the pipe cleaner that’s attached to the candy cane. Do the same with the other 3 inch piece on the other side. the put a small dot of glue on the back side of the antlers to heold them in place.

IMG_1089_web  IMG_1091_web

Now tie on the ribbon, and glue it into place.


You’re done! They are so cute.

IMG_1065_web  IMG_1064_web

Kids love them!

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