Cindy in her garden

Cindy in Her Garden

Cindy in her garden, enjoying organically growing vegetables and fruits. Meet Cindy Lepore Hart from Santa Cruz, California, USA ?? 

“My Italian grandfather always had a garden in his backyard. I remember how delicious the produce tasted. Also, Trips to Italy where I ate delicious meals also inspired me to start a garden. Then I realized that the meal you make is only as good as the raw ingredients you start with.

I have been organically gardening for 25 years. In addition, I am a chef (former restaurant owner), educator, photographer, videographer and mother of two grown children. Nutrition and healthy eating  became interesting to me when I was in high school. To this day, I enjoy a whole foods plant-based diet.

As you can see, my garden isn’t very big, but with the right soil it’s amazing how much food I can grow. My husband and I also share a small fruit orchard with our neighbor (they do most of the orchard work). In addition, we grow plums, peaches, pears, apples, pears, lemons. persimmons, blackberries and more.

Locally, I teach cooking and gardening classes to adults and children. On occasion I have food booths at local fairs. I will cater your small event, or prepare whole foods plant based meals for you and your family. In the years to come, I hope that my website and online presence will continue to grow and inspire many people.

We can help to heal our bodies and our planet by the food choices we make. We can support our local farmers by shopping at farmer’s markets. We can reduce our meat consumption and eat seasonally, locally grown organic foods. These choices reduce the use of fossil fuels that contribute to climate change. We can vote with our forks!”

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Humans Who Grow Food features stories of home gardeners and farmers across borders and cultures. This is an article that was published on their Facebook page.

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