pole bean sprouts

French Pole Bean Sprouts

I planted french pole beens from seeds that are from Renee’s Seed Company, an awesome local seed company. In this short time lapse video the pole bean sprouts are 12 days old. Amazing how fast they grow once the break the surface of the dirt!


Growing seeds in 6 packs


  1. Fill seed packs about half way full with potting soil or seed starting soil, purchased at your local garden store.
  2. Add 2 bean seeds to each pack.
  3. Loosely fill the cells full of more soil.
  4. Water thoroughly, wait 10 minutes and water again. Do this a third time.
  5. Cover the seed packs with plastic wrap and bring inside your house or a fairly warm place. Keep an eye each day on them. At the first sign of a sprout appearing, remove the plastic wrap.
  6. Place the seeds outside during the day, and bring in at night. Eventually they will get big enough to leave outside provided that the chance of frost has passed.
  7. Transplant the seedlings to larger pots to continue to let them grow larger or transplant directly in your garden once all chances of frost for the season are over.

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