Garden to Table Field Trip

Yesterday I volunteered at Garden to Table in San Jose. This is an urban farm project that does awesome work in San Jose, check it out!

Here’s a few photos from their small urban farm.


IMG_7753_web   IMG_7799_web


Here’s Zach, Ashley and Aly from Garden to Table

Elementary kids came, 2nd through 5th grades. they got to tour the farm, do a scavenger hunt, learn about chickens, and blind taste test veggies from the garden.

IMG_7812_web  IMG_7758_web

Aly and I had fun teaching them about the veggies and having them feel, smell and taste peppers, cucumbers, and lemon-basil.

IMG_7764_web IMG_7792_web

IMG_7784_web  IMG_7759_web

Here’s the kids on the scavenger hunt.

IMG_7795_web  IMG_7800_web

Aly also taught them about worm composting, kids loved holding the worms.

IMG_7785_web  IMG_7773_web  IMG_7786_web IMG_7775_web  IMG_7806_web

 Ally showing the kids how to eat worms! NOT! JK.


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