Pests 1A—Gophers!

Golphers already!

I seem to get one every summer, just as my veggies are growing big and beautiful. I go out to the garden and this is what I find:



A dead plant! But this year I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands (in the past I’ve needed help with catching them.)

I set a cinch trap.

First photo is the trap in the hole, I set last night.

This morning I went out to check, and much to my surprise, I saw the second photo. Trap has sprung.

Look carefully, you can see the difference.

IMG_4356_web  IMG_4362_web

When I pulled the trap out of the hole, I found what I was hoping for!

You know you’re a true gardener if the photo below brings joy, like it did to me today.


That bean plant was its last meal.

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