Sunflowers, Growing and Roasting Seeds— Monthly Feature, August



cindy holding sunflowers

I grew 3 large sunflowers this summer. Once the seeds were mature, the flowers hung down. I cut them and left them to continue to dry.

sunflower   3 sunflowers drying

Here they are a week later, dried.

dried sunflowers

My daughter and I brushed off the brown “stuff” that was covering the seeds. We then pulled the seeds out of the flower heads. If you want raw seeds, they are ready to eat.

However, I decided to roast and salt them.
I placed them in a stock pot, added 4 cups water with 2 tablespoons salt.


I brought the pot to a boil and then at a low boil cooked for 15 minutes.

sunflowers in water

Next I drained them in a collander and patted dry on clean kitchen towels. Then I placed them on a cookie sheet. In a preheated oven at 350° I toasted them for 15 minutes. Then I removed them from the oven, stirred them and toasted an additional 15 minutes.


I removed them from the oven and let them cool, then placed them in an air-tight jar once they were completely cooled.

jar of sunflowers

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  1. Have fun sharing your gardening with your daughter. I did the same with my kids, and really enjoyed passing this passion to them.

  2. humblelittlehomestead

    Looks good! I’m in the process of doing that with my daughter. It’s fun but time consuming.

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