oatmeal breakfast

Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast—Monthly Feature, June

This has been my breakfast staple for the past 6 months. Quick simple and super healthy.

ingredients for oatmeal breakfast

1 cup organic old fashioned rolled oats (don’t use instant!)
8-12 raisins
1 tablespoon ground flax seed
¾-1 cup unsweetened almond milk, plain or vanilla
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
1 banana
handful strawberries or other berries
1 pear, peach, plum, apple, etc.
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
¼ cup Ezekiel cereal – optional

Place raw oats (yes, raw) and raisins in a cereal bowl.

oats and raisins in bowl

Add the ground flax seed, this gives you healthy omega-3s. I add ground flax seeds, best to eat them ground so that they are digested. Whole flax seeds are a great source of fiber, but are not digestible, so use them ground. I buy them ground and keep them in the refrigerator.

Flax seed benefits could help you improve digestion, give you clear skin, lower cholesterol, reduce sugar cravings, balance hormones, fight cancer and promote weight loss.

Next, add the almond milk and vanilla extract. Let oats soak while you cut up the fruit.

oatmeal in bowl

If oats soak up all the milk, add a little water.
Add fruit to the bowl, and Ezekiel cereal. Sprinkle all with the cinnamon.

oatmeal breakfast

If you are in the mood for a hot breakfast, you can put the bowl with the milk, oats, flax seeds and raisins in the microwave for 30 seconds, or warm up the almond milk before adding it to the oats.

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